Iron Maiden - The Document (CD + DVD)

CD/DVD package feat. rare footage of the band, exclusive interviews with friends/colleagues, group photographs and more!

THE INTERVIEW CD: Over 70 minutes of interviews with the band, discussing a wide number of topics including their opinions on their position at the top of the metal tree, their respect for their fans, their approaches towards making their kind of music, and how they view their future maintaining their respected status.

THE DOCUMENTARY DVD: A visual celebration of the music of Iron Maiden. This 60-minute film contains rare footage and exclusive interviews with Iron Maiden and the people that know them best. It also includes many unpublished photos, numerous location shoots, news clips and a host of other features. 'Extras' include interactive digital quiz and more.

Bonus Materials
2x 4-page Illustrated Booklet
Interactive fan quiz
Extensive digital Iron Maiden discography

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Posted: 10/09/2015

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