Paul Di'Anno - The Beast Arises (2 LPs)

Vinyl edition of the live performance of Paul Di'Anno, the original voice of Iron Maiden

The Beast is back! The original voice of Iron Maiden, and the front man of such bands as Killers, Battlezone and Gogmagog, arises to bring his fans a show of sheer heavy metal brutality! Documenting his furious performance at Cracow's Lizard Club in April 2014, "The Beast Arises" testifies to Paul Di'Anno's unrelenting and unstoppable energy and vocal prowess. The release features mind-blowing performances of the classic material from the first two Iron Maiden studio albums, "Iron Maiden" and "Killers", as well as songs by Killers, Battlezone, and, to top it off, a fierce cover of Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop" - all this making for an outstanding show that will leave no fan in doubt that the Beast has truly risen! 

Track Listing

LP 1:
Marshall Lockjaw
Murders in the Rue Morgue
The Beast Arises
Children of Madness

LP 2:
Genghis Kahn
Remember Tomorrow
Charlotte the Harlot
Phantom of the Opera
Running Free
Iron Maiden
Blitzkrieg Bop

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Posted: 10/09/2015

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