Evil United - Honored By Fire

Evil United's eagerly anticipated sophomore full length epic album, "Honored By Fire".

The Austin/San Antonio based band, Evil United, is a verified Texas powerhouse of crushing metal,with elite members from WatchTower, Riot, Murderdolls, Wednesday 13, all ready to continue their assault on the metal masses with the new release,"Honored By Fire". Evil United's "Honored By Fire" instantly delivers what hard-cores expect and demand from the lone star state: Intricate,heavy pounding rhythms, swift screeching guitar solos, and over the top, power-screaming vocals- fresh, with an old school orientation. Featured are the vocals of two time Texas Hall of Famer, Jason McMaster (WatchTower, Broken Teeth,Dangerous Toys, Ignitor),the rhythm bass of Don Van Stavern (Riot, S.A. Slayer), drummer Shakes West(Murderdolls, Wednesday 13, Neurotica, Sebastian Bach),and to complete the wickedness, the speed picking, twin axe-attack of guitarists T.C. Connally (PB/DC,Cult to Follow), and John Valenzuela (PB/DC,Urial,Mortician).

Track Listing
Dead Can See
Ripping Flesh
Tomb Spawn
Ab Initio
Viking Funeral
Mind Over Pain
Ghost Crushed
The Cottage
Bloody Water

"Evil United are somewhat of a super-group, formed from bands such as WATCHTOWER, RIOT and MURDERDOLLS and with enough collective talent and experience to not only do it right but do it with balls and style."
     —Tom Coyler, Metal Temple

"...A contender for best 'pure' metal album of the year."
     —Martijn Welzen, Mass Movement

"Hoglan (Testament, ex-Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Death) now has chipped in lyrics to two songs on the new album by Evil United, a heavy quintet fronted by a very serious and metally McMaster. Great pairing!"
     —Anso DF, Metal Sucks

"A surprisingly good, not to mention energetic release."
     —Adrien Begrand, Decibel

"...Ride the lightning straight to the black hearts of denim-jacketed headbangers everywhere. Evil United don't fuck around."
     —Michael Toland, Austin Chronicle

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Posted: 10/09/2015


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