Kommandant - Stormlegion

Classic release from premiere US black metal band.

Kommandant, America's premiere extreme metal band, features former members of Cianide, Nachmystium, Sarcophagus and Krieg. This 180 gram limited edition LP also includes a patch, 11x17 poster, and sticker.

Track Listing
Shiltron (Intro)
Black Harvest
Barbarous Victorious
Siege Engine
No Compassion
Vacuum Heart
Bypaths To Chaos
Embodiment Of Terror
Social Parasite
Ravenous Conquest
Blood And Savagery
The Aftermath

"A brutal and barbaric assault of stripped-down 'war black metal', KOMMANDANT strikes hard and does not compromise!"
     —Azaroth, Morbid Moon

"Storming debut that encompasses all of the cruelty in metal!"
     —Dave Brenner, Metal Maniacs

"Kommandant is by far the most promising metal band I have heard in a very long time. Stormlegion is vicious from start to finish!"
     —Adrian Bromely, Brave Words

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Posted: 10/09/2015

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